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        1. Good project management is an important part of any successful business. Effective project managers know how to make use of limited resources to produce better-than-promised results ahead of schedule. The planning techniques, delegation practices, and efficient habits used by great project planners can help new project managers develop their skills, and since so many great PMs write about their work online, there is a trove of good info available for anyone looking to sharpen their project management skills.

          This list is categorized and numbered for ease-of-use, and a site’s number does not reflect its quality. All the sites listed are amazing, and each excels in a certain field, indicated by the category.


          The meaning of “productivity” is totally contextual, and depending on your business model it can mean anything from writing more blog posts to selling more widgets or taking more phone calls. For just about anyone in a business setting, though, productivity means doing more with less. Doing more work in less time, and making more money with less effort. These blogs offer tips from experienced pros on how to squeeze the most out of your time and energy.

          1. Productive Flourishing

            If you want to obtain more customers, increase your profits, and grow strategically, this site can help you accomplish those goals. This business provides great free content on their blog, and they create products that can help any small business succeed .

          2. Taming Insanity

            If anyone can talk about how to be productive, it would be a married woman who works and raises a child. Have fun reading this blog, which is well written, funny, and may just help you avoid the mistakes already made by the blogger.

          3. LifeRemix

            Meet a “band of bloggers” devoted to writing about topics that enrich peoples’ lives. Learn about tools, actions, and insights that can help you become more productive, both personally and in business.

          4. Management Skills Blog

            Are your management skills weak? Do you ever wonder if you have any skills at all? Spend some time with Tom Foster, and you may learn that you’re not alone in asking these questions. You’ll learn from real situations inside real companies.

          5. 43 Folders

            There is a method to using 43 Folders, and currently it’s all about how to improve the quality of your life and career. Among other topics, you can learn how to fix your email, avoid procrastination, tidy up your blog, and work some more on that procrastination.

          6. David Seah

            David Seah is a freelance designer who works with information and interactivity, He also creates productivity tools. What he hopes to impart is the promotion of exploration, learning, creativity, and sharing through transparent thought processes and collaboration.

          7. Productive Superdad

            The Productive Superdad, AKA Timo Kiander, publishes e-books on productivity, time management techniques, avoiding procrastination or at least making the best of it, and other life skills for the hyper-busy, always connected project manager in everyone.

          8. Lifehack

            Learn how to tweak your communication and tech skills, finances, career, and lifestyle through daily tips. Dig deeper into this site to find Lifehack lessons for a minimum charge, as well as inspirational quotes, and eBooks that can improve your life.

          9. Hack the Day

            Alex Brie is an “uber geek” who shares hacks that enhance personal growth, lifestyle design, and productivity. He also finds time to produce software tutorials, write about programming, and iPhone development, so his hacks must be working!

          10. Productivity in Context

            ”GTD” Is all about Getting Things Done, and Stephen provides tips on productivity. He’s been blogging since 2007, providing some time-honored and thought-provoking ideas to the business table.

          11. Simple Productivity Blog

            This site is chock full of tips, advice, and ideas on how to be more productive and simplify your life. As a married working mom, LJ Earnest shares how she gets through the “stuff” she has to do so she can move on to the “stuff” she wants to do.

          12. The Daily Saint

            Mike St. Pierre is the president of Morris Catholic High School, and his blog is focused on career advice with a Biblical foundation. Rated a top productivity blogger, Mike shares his skills through articles and speaking when he’s not spending time with his family.

          13. Marc Gawley

            If you’re an information geek, you’re going to love Marc’s ideas about productivity and the correlations he makes in the process. He also shares tips and idea on economics, travel, science, and marathons.

          14. D*I*Y Planner

            Learn how to use paper for some of the coolest and creative productivity and planning projects on earth. You can find planner kits, scores of articles about using paper for various tasks, templates, handbooks, and tutorials on topics that range from art to technology.

          15. GTD Times

            Getting Things Done (GTD) has a hub — and David Allen is at the helm. Allen is a productivity consultant and the author of the popular book, Getting Things Done. If you want GTD, get it from the master.

          16. Buffer Blog

            Buffer is an app that can cut your social media time in half. As an additional service, the Buffer Blog provides readers with tons of tips and hacks on other ways to make life simpler, including ideas on how to keep your customers happy.

          17. Ian’s Messy Desk

            Is it ok to have a messy desk as long as you’re productive? Find out here, where teaching, coaching, sharing, and mentoring all take part in Ian’s methods for personal development.

          18. Life Contained

            Jan Wencel is obsessed with organization, and she shares her zest for this skill by showing others how to create a space where productivity and time management become personal. Take a look and learn from her tips, resources, and ideas…but be careful, because her enthusiasm is contagious.

          19. Acuity Business Solutions Blog

            Acuity Business Solutions provides business software that helps businesses gain a competitive edge through managing resources more effectively. Their blog is filled with topics on management and leadership, and on building a business and increasing efficiencies in the process.

          20. Regain Your Time

            Maura Thomas is a powerhouse in her Austin, Texas, community as well as nationally through her books and workshops on personal productivity. Use this site to improve your own productivity and regain your time in the process.

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          Time Management

          It is easy to get distracted when you get a hundred emails each day, dozens of text messages and voice mails, and reminders from your calendar program about urgent tasks. Figuring out how to prioritize your activities and use your time the most productively and profitably is a whole industry, and reading some of these sites by time management experts might help you create some room to breathe in your busy day.

          1. Peace of Mind Organizing

            If you struggle with organization, Janine can help you by sharing the solutions that helped her overcome the same problem. She’s now so organized that Rubbermaid has chosen her to be one of five professional organizers in their “Professional Organizer Squad.”

          2. Timeback Management

            Dan Markovitz is a faculty member at the Lean Enterprise Institute, where the goal is to maximize customer value while minimizing waste. If that philosophy appeals to you, you can learn more through Dan’s blog filled with tips and ideas on how to take your time back.

          3. Time Management Gems

            This married work-at-home mom of three offers her personal time management tools at this site. Learn how to overcome procrastination and deal with clutter as you organize your home, your life, and your career.

          4. 2Time Labs

            Time management isn’t the same as it was two decades ago – the proliferation of information and myriad of tools available to accomplish tasks can become more confusing rather than liberating. Let Francis Wade guide you through development of a framework that can help you from feeling overwhelmed as you develop a time management plan.

          5. Mindful Time Management

            Janet Bailey has led a life filled with goals that she’s managed to reach while dealing with writer’s block and procrastination. If you value your independence and creative thinking processes, let Janet show you how to enjoy that lifestyle through organization and time management skills.

          6. Day-Timer Blog

            Anyone who has tried to organize a life or career has heard about Day-Timer products. If you respect their products (even if you fail at keeping them up to date), you might enjoy their blog on time management and productivity.

          7. Fluent Time Management

            If you can manage your time, you’ll develop self-confidence and become more motivated. If you want to outperform the masses and become successful, you might want to utilize this site’s articles, reviews, and tips.

          8. Time Management Tao

            Do you need to find three extra hours in your messy life? Try out this blog, where you can learn tips and secrets on how to manage your time and balance your life by adding enjoyment and reducing stress.

          9. Time Management Ninja

            Craig Jarrow’s mission is to help people and businesses reclaim time through time management, productivity, and goal-setting technology, tips, and tools. Start with the “about” section, where you can find the “Best of TMN” and move on from that point to take control of your life.

          10. Asian Efficiency

            No one has a “time management gene” – the ability to organize a life with time left over to enjoy your life involves learning time management skills. This site provides the articles, tools, and knowledge you’ll need to gain that legendary “Asian Efficiency.”

          11. The Productivity Pro

            Laura Stack is a well-known productivity professional, and this site brings her skills to your desktop. Take advantage of podcasts, a blog, tools, and newsletters filled with Laura’s tips on how to better manage your time and reduce your stress.

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          Tools & Tech

          Technology brings us many distractions, but it can also relieve us from those distractions if used correctly. The sites below offer applications and ideas, and both software and hardware for keeping your brain and business on track.

          1. Mountain Goat Software

            Mike Cohn not only helps companies improve agile processes and techniques through software – he also provides learning opportunities that include ways to use that software to its highest capacity. Enjoy the blog, and think about using Mike’s training courses.

          2. TurboProject

            TurboProject is a project management tool that uses tutorials and templates to get that project up and running as quickly as possible. This software is full-on complete with tools for resource allocation, communication, collaboration, budget management, planning, scheduling, estimation, documentation, and cost control.

          3. Project Insight

            if you’re looking for web-based project management software for mid-market project teams, take a look at this tool that is Microsoft-certified. This tool works on PCs, Macs, tablets, and smart phones, making it easy for teams to collaborate and to stay updated.

          4. Innotas

            For a cloud solution for project portfolio management that won’t eat your budget or take months to deploy, take a look at Innotas. Their software is focused on IT governance, PPM, and APM, all rolled into one comprehensive SaaS solution.

          5. RationalPlan

            If you’re seeking an easy-to-use project management software with a way to track single and multiple projects at once, try RationalPlan’s solution. The online trials for each stage of this software can help you realize that this tool may be just what you need to replace Microsoft Project.

          6. Zilicus

            You may already know that collaboration among project team members can reduce errors, work duplication, and improve productivity. But, did you know that this software can help you reach that goal? Spend some time with Zilicus to learn more through their products and blogs.

          7. Tenrox

            Tenrox produces web-based enterprise project management software and professional service automation software that can help you and your business reduce costs, delays, and difficulties. Their workflow-driven software is in the cloud, but their approach is very down-to-earth.

          8. Project Manage

            Are you looking for ideas about project management software? Head to Project Manage, where contributors provide reviews and ideas on how to stay abreast of the project management industry.

          9. Roadmap

            Some of the most recognized world brands use this software to track their project portfolio or forecast resources, including Crate& Barrel, Hard Rock Cafe, and Yale University. How can you go wrong – just try any type of account free for 30 days to get a feel about what Roadmap has to offer.

          10. Remember the Milk

            Simply the easiest-to-use “to-do” app in the world. Now you can update with Siri, carry the app with you on your smart phone, and even search for jobs with Remember the Milk. Read the blog to learn how to optimize this productivity software.

          11. Mindjet

            You don’t have to be a business as large as Volvo or Nokia to use Mindjet, but you’ll be joining them as a user of this software if you choose to use it to accomplish your projects. You have two choices – Mindjet for business or for individual use to capture ideas, organize information, create visual plans, and coordinate goals.

          12. Invista Performance Solutions

            Invista’s goal is to help you increase your performance level through business training and executive education. Take advantage of group training or consultations to learn leadership, management, communication, technical, and core business skills.

          13. ProWorkflow

            Use this online project management tool to help your small or medium-sized business succeed. This is a great solution for time-keeping records, organizing, planning, and delegating jobs, and to measure and analyze performance. This is a full-service management tool and you can brand and use remotely.

          14. Rescue Time

            Do you need to spot time inefficiencies in your day? Business managers and individuals can learn how much time they spend on individual projects to rescue some of that time for higher productivity.

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          Project Management

          These sites cover all aspects of project management, from optimizing agile software development teams to helping yourself remember everything you need to get your work done on time and with aplomb.

          1. Edge of Chaos — Agile Development Blog

            Are you looking for a blog that explains Agile development in layman’s terms with pretty pictures and humor? Edge of Chaos fits that bill, so head on over to this blog to learn scrum, lean, Kanban, visualization, and user experience.

          2. AgileBlog

            Advance your Agile practices with regular posts by Ryan Martens, Jean Tabaka, and other contributors from Rally’s Agile coaching and product teams. Enjoy individual articles as well as series that tackle topics like “Agile Product Management” and “Scaling Agile to the Strategic Level.”

          3. Agile Management

            Join David J. Anderson, Dominica DeGrandis, and Mike Burrows as they lead you through topics about Agile management. Beyond the blog, there is an entire community waiting for you to join in on the Agile Management Yahoo Group.

          4. Jason Little

            Jason has almost two decades of experience in managing professional service teams and in web design and development. He’s a Scrum pro, providing talks and writing books with a focus on the Lean Startup Method.

          5. All About Agile

            You can use Kelly Waters’ site like a favorite toy, especially if you like playing with Agile. Join the community, ask questions, read articles, and get a copy of Kelly’s book, All About Agile, to gain insight into the philosophy behind this online project.

          6. Agile Zen

            Agile Zen is project management software, but this site wraps itself more around community, education, and tools that could make you drool. The potential behind this software and the buzz that goes with it change your outlook on Agile.

          7. Green Project Management

            If you like the idea of adding sustainability to a project management goal, then learn more about how you can do that through GPM. The training and certification in this niche could help your project get the attention it deserves.

          8. EarthPM

            Rich Maltzman and Dave Shirley have combined their project management knowledge and skills to produce a site focused on sustainable projects. Now they’re offering EarthPM Training through the Sustainability Learning Centre that can provide PMs with a total of seven PDUs.

          9. Electronic Health Record Workflow Management Systems

            You don’t need to be a health worker to be interested in this site – although the focus is on Electronic Health Records (EHRs), Workflow Management Systems (WfMSs), EMR Workflow Systems (WfSs), and other electronic health projects, the work ethic for project management is the same – save time, and save money.

          10. Flow

            A Kanban board provides excellent visualization for project management, and flow uses it along with lean methods to provide users with a simple and effective tool. Use this site to learn more about how to use the software as well as how to manage your team.

          11. KanbanFlow

            This project management tool provides users with a sleek Kanban board, lean project management, and time tracking with Pomodoro. Additionally, users can collaborate in real time and take advantage of mobile support.

          12. Blossom Lean Project Management

            Blossom Lean focuses on startups that ship “early and often” by providing them with great tools for developing mobile and web apps and that are lightweight, intuitive, and fun to use. They also provide some great apps already in use to help users manage time and organize with a click of a mouse.

          13. Blog: Nonprofit Capacity Building

            Some reasons why nonprofit organizations fail include lack of organization and an inability to manage time and teams. This blog can help any board overcome those obstacles by becoming more efficient through technology.

          14. Software Project Management

            Pawel Brodzinski isn’t shy about offering his knowledge and skills on building software. He’s also keen on building great software teams with stellar leadership and hiring great engineers to create great tools and to fix broken processes.

          15. cPrime

            If you want to learn about project management from one of the top 500 fastest-growing companies in the U.S., then switch your channel to cPrime. They provide Agile management tools, staffing, training, and free online resources.

          16. The Agilista PM

            Donna Reed brings her experience as a technical program and project manager to this site, where readers can get training and take advantage of free Agile resources. She also freely shares case studies, white papers, and webinars if you sign up for her newsletter.

          17. FojProject

            FOJ Project supplies project management consultancy services, web design, and search engine optimization help. But, they also offer a lot of free advice and tips on all these topics so you can get a feel for what you might need for your own business.

          18. Virtual Project Consulting

            Although Virtual Project Consulting isn’t going to give away all their project management secrets, they still offer a ton of information on their site. Dive head first into the blog, which is filled with project management tips and articles.

          19. Rob Prinzo’s Blog: No Wishing Required

            This blog is based upon Rob Prinzo’s book of the same name, where he offers tips and tools that focus on project management and software implementation. If you’re seeking a success-driven approach to managing major collaborative endeavors, check out this site.

          20. BradEgeland

            Brad Egeland is a consultant who isn’t a “yes man” when it comes to project management development. He will, however, focus on what is good for you and your company – tap into his blog to learn more about why Egeland’s advice might work for you.

          21. Mark Gibson

            Mark Gibson is an experienced project manager with a bevy of titles and years of experience under his belt, making him a qualified consultant for companies or other project managers looking to make their dent in the business world.

          22. The LiquidPlanner Blog

            LiquidPlanner is a fluid project management tool that allows users to drag and drop projects and tasks into priority order. This company is a firm believer in priorities, and they emphasize that belief in their support system and in their blog.

          23. Project Managers

            If you’re a project manager or if you want to grow up to be one, you might want to use the tools offered by this site today. Get engaged in community, network, read blogs, find jobs, conduct research, and find the best tools for the job all in one place.

          24. The Lazy Project Manager

            Peter really isn’t lazy. He did write the book on “lazy project management,” but it’s not about being so lackadaisical that nothing gets done. Instead, be efficient, calm, and wise by working with focus. If that sounds good to you, then tune in to his blog.

          25. Project Arab Gulf

            This is a powerful site, noting projects that are key to development in the Arab Gulf, including energy, infrastructure, environment, and technology. PM professionals share their insights and engagement in these events, keeping the rest of the world up to date.

          26. Projects at Work

            Take part in a community of practitioners and thought-leaders who are working to create better managed projects, programs, portfolios, and teams. This site provides tools, perspectives, training, and resources that can help you stay on the leading edge.

          27. Project Shrink

            If you’re a self-proclaimed oddball or wallflower who is tempted to chew your own leg off after dealing with other people’s rules, you might want to head to Shrinkonia. You might find some support and encouragement for your own style of project management here.

          28. Better Projects

            This blog has been active since 2005, so you have a great resource at your fingertips for tips and articles about project leadership, requirements management, and product design. You also can take advantage of training courses, a library, presentations, and templates.

          29. Kareem’s Blog

            Kareem’s passion lies in writing about classical and new management trends, new tech tools, communication, and risk management. His years in working and managing IT projects provides the foundation for his blog.

          30. Project Management Works

            Paul Naybour’s concern isn’t about which tools you use, as long as you use them successfully. Read on at this blog to understand how to make project management work for you or for your business.

          31. Dennis D. McDonald’s Web Site

            Dennis D. McDonald likes people over practices, and he also likes to talk about books and movies. McDonald also likes to talk about inefficiencies in project management and how they might become more successful projects with greater management, collaboration, innovation, and communication.

          32. The Critical Path by Derek Huether

            Derek is the author of this blog and of the book, Zombie Project Management. He also is an Enterprise Agile Coach and Trainer at LeadingAgile, so he can offer some great tools for any PM, including templates along with his advice and tips on how to become more successful at this craft.

          33. Back of the Napkin Blog

            Visit Dan’s new website, a tool that arrived on the heels of his book, Blah Blah Blah – a book that might appeal to those individuals who are hogtied by too many meetings. Dan’s a great resource for visual innovation.

          34. The Project Management Hut

            PM Hut offers a blog, training, news, job hunting tools and “huts,” where you can find a collection of articles that cover the entire gamut of project management steps. Touch on topics that range from Agile Enterprise to Zen Principles and Change Management.

          35. Future of Project Management

            Samir Penkar has a lot of energy, and he spends it on sharing ideas and trends within project management worlds. He also likes to run marathons and he’s very competitive about kite flying.

          36. The Papercut Project Manager

            Geoff Crane has been around the project management block a time or two, and he’s willing to share his mistakes and successes with you so you can avoid the first and enjoy the latter. Stock up on soft skills, tools and analytics, and let him do some ranting for you.

          37. Scott Berkun

            Scott is the author of four books about innovation, successful goal setting, and public speaking. His reputation as a “thought leader” provides him with many public speaking engagements. His goal is to read minds, but he’ll settle for time travel.

          38. Karol Zielinski

            Karol Zielinski uses this blog to write about entrepreneurship, web business, project and product management, marketing and more. His strength is in sharing what other folks are doing, providing insights into tools and ideas.

          39. Project Management 2.0

            Move your project management skills into the future with this blog, which provides information about project management from the software perspective. Andrew Filev is a successful entrepreneur who has managed software teams since 2001.

          40. PMbody

            If you need information about PMP certification or if you want PMP exam tips, you’ll find them at this blog. Moving beyond the training phase, PMBody also offers tips on building teams and moving wisely through project management.

          41. Project Management Institute

            Project Management Institute is the largest not-for-profit membership association for the project management profession. Join this effort for their advocacy, and to enhance your knowledge about certification, PMBOK Guide and Standards, training, and marketplace tools.

          42. The Practicing IT Project Manager

            Every week you can enjoy news, articles, links, book reviews, and insights into the project management realm from this site. Dave Gordon, an experienced portfolio, program, and project manager, offers stellar resources for project managers, program managers, business analysts, and portfolio managers.

          43. Jouneyman PM

            This resource is all about helping PMs save time, build successful project management track records, develop stunning project methodologies, and make better choices. Bert offers his hand and expertise in this realm, providing soft-skill orientation for anyone who wants it.

          44. Max’s Project Management Wisdom

            Max Wideman provides a blog filled with practical advice for any PM. Some tools he offers include papers and books on project management, a PM glossary, guest articles, and advice on developing a practical project management methodology.

          45. Michael Greer’s PM Resources

            Michael is an independent consultant who offers free PM resource materials such as articles, tools, podcasts, links, and other freebies that you might be able to utilize. You might be interested in Greer’s PM Minimalist, a method that focuses on doing “just enough” to get the job done.

          46. Method 123

            This private New Zealand site is packed with free resources such as books, templates, articles, and blogs. Other tools are reasonably priced, and this company has served more than 45,000 customers in 200 countries with their products.

          47. Signal vs. Noise

            The team that produced Basecamp – 37 Signals – has published Signal vs. Noise blog since 1999, bringing ideas, trends, and tips to readers. Enjoy articles from the team’s designers, programmers, support team, and project managers.

          48. Easy Projects

            Some PMs prefer web-based project management tools, because they often help make team collaboration straightforward and easily accessible. Easy Project is there with great software and a blog to support their users.

          49. Hoffman Conseho

            Roland Hoffmann is a project management trainer who has spent two decades leading technology, construction, marketing, operations, and financial projects. One way to learn how to trust this instructor is to visit his site and take advantage of the free tools he offers online.

          50. Thomsett Company

            This Australian Company is innovative and effective, and they’re noted for the public Agile workshops in management, governance, and analysis. If you can’t travel halfway around the world to attend their events, you still can read their articles and talk to them about some in-house consulting.

          51. AllPM

            This site is a project management portal for PMs the world over. The goal is collaboration, but you don’t need to participate in any groups to use their extensive free and useful resources. Just register to begin!

          52. Project Times

            Project Times brings exclusive online news and resources to PMs worldwide. Sign up for the free or premium membership to enjoy articles, blogs, educational webinars, white papers, a daily updated jobs board, and a bookstore.

          53. Free Online Project Management | Software | Tools | Courses | Templates

            Jon Haver manages a 20+ person team that builds websites, and he has been a project manager for a large oil and gas company. He uses his resources to provide this site filled with free online project management software, courses, templates, and tools that he uses in his jobs.

          54. Project Management Tips

            An impressive handful of blog authors populate this site with tips and guidance for “real life situations.” Topics include project management, knowledge management, collaboration, and PM solutions that include Seavus Project Viewer and DropMind.

          55. Project Management

   is one way to build a bridge to successful project management with over 4,000 articles, over 1K deliverable templates, and over 550K peer connections on board. This site used to be gantthead, but the focus is less linear now – yet no less productive with providing great resources.

          56. Planning Planet

            This site is claiming a new user every 87 minutes…and the reason might be the proliferation of blogs, forums, groups, job board, a wiki and polls on this site. There’s a lot of interactivity for PMs, so you might consider becoming a member.

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